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Workers are laborers that you assign to various places, such as your Capitol, Mines, or Research Labs. Typically they are either awarded for inviting friends to Stardrift Empires from your crew or droids which you build at the Factory.

Note Icon.png Note:  When you are Colonizing a new planet you can't send droids to a location that does not yet have buildings/mines or to a moon/titan.

Each building is allowed one worker when it is built, and then another one worker for every three levels. So for instance a level 3 Ore Mine can have 2 workers, a level 6 Ore Mine can have 3, and that pattern continues on.

Droid Cost Requirements Base Bonus
Mine Droid Ore: 3,000
Crystal: 1,000
Hydrogen: 0
Factory Lvl. 1 2%
Crew Driod Ore: 6,000
Crystal: 3,000
Hydrogen: 0
Factory Lvl. 2
AI Tech 2
1 Crew Point
Build Driod Ore: 4,000
Crystal: 0
Hydrogen: 4,000
Factory Lvl. 3
AI Tech 4
Particle Tech 3
Lab Driod Ore: 5,000
Crystal: 5,000
Hydrogen: 2,000
Factory Lvl. 4
AI Tech 6
Energy Tech 5

Special Workers

Workers can also be obtained by using credits to purchase a Basic Android or by referring friends to Stardrift Empires and being rewarded with human workers.

Worker Cost Base Bonus
Basic Android 25,000 credits 4%
Human Worker Friend Referral Reward 2%

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