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Ships are required to transport resources and are the basic unit of attack in Stardrift Empires. They require a Shipyard for building.

Ship Descriptions

Utility Ships
Atlas cargo.png
Atlas Cargo: The basic cargo ship. The Atlas Cargo is extremely efficient for hauling cargo between planets or from raids. You begin the game with one of these ships.
Charon transport.png
Charon Transport: The Charon Transport is the only ship approved for civilian and droid transport. Each one is capable of ferrying 6 crew members between your worlds.
Carmanor Cargo: The Carmanor is the largest freight ship in the Universe.
Dionysus recycler.png
Dionysus Recycler: The Dionysus Recycler is used for collecting debris left behind in battle. Send these on a harvest mission and you can collect the resources that float in debris fields around planets after battles.
Gaia colony ship.png
Gaia Colony Ship: The Gaia Colony Ship is used for colonizing new worlds. When sent to an empty planet spot, it will create a new world on which you can develop new mines and buildings, and deploy ships.
GenesisSatellite large.jpg
Genesis Solar Satellite: The Genesis Solar Satellite is a power-providing ship unit that produces energy more efficiently than the Helios Solar Satellite. It is stationary and easily destroyed in a raid.
Helios solar satellite.png
Helios Solar Satellite: The Helios Solar Satellite is a power-providing ship unit. It is stationary and easily destroyed in a raid.
Hercules cargo.png
Hercules Cargo: An upgrade to the Atlas Cargo with better armor, hull, and cargo capacity. However, it is slower than the upgraded Atlas Cargo.
Hermes probe.png
Hermes Probe: Extremely fast probes used to spy on foreign worlds for tactical purposes.
ShadowProbe large.jpg
Shadow Probe: Extremely fast probe used to spy on foreign worlds for tactical purposes. Probe is destroyed on use, but provides a complete espionage report regardless of the target's espionage tech level.
Zagreus Recycler: The Zagreus is used for collecting debris left behind in battle. It is faster than the Dionysus, but has a smaller cargo capacity.
Attack Ships
Apollo fighter.png
Apollo Fighter: An upgrade of the Artemis Fighter that uses a Pulse Drive in place of a Jet Drive allowing for greater firepower and defenses.
Ares bomber.png
Ares Bomber: A specialized ship used to demolish enemy planetary defenses. However, this ship is quite weak in ship versus ship combat, due its lack of Rapid Fire against ships.
Artemis fighter.png
Artemis Fighter: A basic assault unit. It is cheap, light, and dependable, and is the first attack ship that most commanders will build.
Athena battleship.png
Athena Battleship: Many commanders utilize the Athena Battleship as the principal ship for their fleets. Excellent defenses, strong weapons, and fast cruising speed make it a difficult ship to fight against.
Hades battleship.png
Hades Battleship: With high speed, large cargo, heavy hull, and rapid fire versus many ships, the Hades Battleship is the optimal choice for heavy fleet versus fleet combat.
Poseidon cruiser.png
Poseidon Cruiser: The Poseidon Cruiser features around three times the defensive capability and twice the weaponry as the Apollo Fighter, in addition to being one of the fastest ships in the universe.
Prometheus destroyer.png
Prometheus Destroyer: This is the largest heavy ship in the universe, exceeded in power only by the Zeus. It packs massive firepower and can be used to smash through enemy defenses.
Titan attack platform.png
Titan Attack Platform: The Titan Attack Platform is the latest in planetary assault technology. It can be deployed into orbit in a solar system and act as a mobile base for your fleet.
Zeus: This is the heaviest assault ship. Its massive firepower is unrivaled.

(Here is a list of the new ships for Nova. Click the links for pics and descriptions.)

Empusa Fighter Curetes Cruiser Pallas Bomber Thanatos Destroyer

Rapid Fire Table

This does not include rapid fire against defenses, only ships. For rapid fire against defenses, see: Defenses

Ships without a column (Helios, Hermes, Charon) do not have Rapid Fire against any ship.

Ships without a row (Titan) have no Rapid Fire vulnerability.

Class Icon apollo fighter.png Icon ares bomber.png Icon artemis fighter.png Icon athena battleship.png Icon atlas cargo.png Icon dionysus recycler.png Icon gaia colony ship.png Icon hades battleship.png Icon hercules cargo.png Icon poseidon cruiser.png Icon prometheus destroyer.png Icon zeus.png
Icon apollo fighter.png x4 x100
Icon ares bomber.png x25
Icon artemis fighter.png x6 x200
Icon athena battleship.png x7 x30
Icon atlas cargo.png x3 x3 x250
Icon charon transport.png x5 x5 x5 x5 x5 x5 x5 x5 x5 x5 x5 x1250
Icon dionysus recycler.png x250
Icon gaia colony ship.png x250
Icon hades battleship.png x2 x15
Icon helios solar satellite.png x5 x5 x5 x5 x5 x5 x5 x5 x5 x5 x5 x1250
Icon hercules cargo.png x3 x250
Icon hermes probe.png x5 x5 x5 x5 x5 x5 x5 x5 x5 x5 x5 x1250
Icon poseidon cruiser.png x4 x33
Icon prometheus destroyer.png x5

Ship Base Specifications

Ship Hull
Icon apollo fighter.png 850 25 150 100 10,000 75
Icon ares bomber.png 7,500 500 1,000 500 4,000 1000
Icon artemis fighter.png 400 10 50 50 12,500 20
Icon athena battleship.png 6,000 200 1,000 1,500 10,000 500
Icon atlas cargo.png 400 10 5 5,000 5,000 20
Icon charon transport.png 800 25 1 100 10,000 20
Icon carmanor class.png 3,600 100 10 125,000 4,000 120
Icon dionysus recycler.png 1,600 10 1 20,000 2,000 300
Icon gaia colony ship.png 3,000 100 50 7,500 2,500 1000
Icon hades battleship.png 7,000 400 700 750 10,000 250
Icon hercules cargo.png 1,200 25 5 25,000 7,500 50
Icon hermes probe.png 100 0 0 5 100,000,000 1
Icon poseidon cruiser.png 2,700 50 400 800 15,000 300
Icon prometheus destroyer.png 11,000 500 2,000 2,000 5,000 1000
Icon zagreus class.png 800 5 1 5,000 3,000 400
Icon zeus.png 900,000 50,000 200,000 1,000,000 100 1
Icon titan attack platform.png 4,000,000 150,000 0 1,000,000,000 90 450,000
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