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Newbie Protection in Stardrift Empires restricts some interactions between players of widely disparate levels of development, preventing the Defenses and unsaved Ships or Resources of newer empires from being destroyed or plundered by vastly more advanced ones. It does not prevent attacks on inactive players (players who have failed to log in for seven days). Players who are protected by this system are marked (n) on the Galaxy view to players who have many more Resources Spent Points, and they will see these more advanced players from whom they are protected with an (N) marking.

The rules are as follows:

Players with fewer than 1,000 Resources Spent Points (RSP) cannot attack (except NPCs) or be attacked.

Players with over 1,000, but fewer than 250,000 RSP, may only attack or be attacked by other players who have between one-fifth and five times (20% to 500%) their current RSP, unless the other player has fewer than 1,000 RSP.

Players with more than 250,000 RSP may attack or be attacked by players with between one-tenth and ten times (10% to 1,000%) their current RSP, unless the other player has fewer than 250,000 RSP, in which case the 5x rule above applies.

Group Defense is also restricted by Newbie Protection. Players may Group Defend Buddies and Alliance mates (only) if they have between one-tenth and ten times (10% to 1,000%) the mate's RSP. It does not apply directly to the attacking and group defending fleets.


NOTE: Resources Spent Points is not your ranking number on the Galaxy Screen. Click "Leaders" and then "Resources Spent" to view your Resources Spent Points. However, relative Resources Spent Points are indicated by the color of the the ranking number in the Galaxy Screen: a player whose ranking number shows up as red has higher RSP than you, whereas a green ranking number indicates a lower RSP.

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