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The Leaders page is where you can see how you and your alliance compare to the rest of the players in the universe. When you first click the Leaders tab, it will show you the 100 person block where you are currently placed in overall points. For example, if you are ranked 659, it will show you the block of players ranked 601-700.

There is a pulldown option which will shift the view from "User" to include all members of your "Buddies" list, display total score by "Alliance", or display scores by "Alliance Average". Each of these is available in all seven score lists, which are described below.


Overall Points

Overall Points are calculated by adding up the point values of each of the other categories. There is no weight given to any of the other point categories in this computation.

Resources Spent Points

Resources Spent Points (RSP, also known as Build Points) simply total the amount of resources spent (Ore, Crystal, and Hydrogen, all considered equivalent) for all research projects, as well as any ships, droids, defenses, and buildings that are in your possession, and divides this amount by 1,000. If you lose ships or defenses as a result of combat, you will lose a corresponding amount of Resources Spent Points. When you abandon a planet, you lose all the points you had invested in buildings and defenses on that planet, as well as that of any droids left on the planet and ships in orbit.

Resources Spent Points are used to calculate Newbie Protection. Players who are not protected by the newbie protection system and who are not on vacation (v) or suspended (s) are attackable. In the Galaxy screen, all players have their name followed by their ranking based on overall points. For attackable players, the number is colored depending on the player’s RSP relative to you: players of equal RSP will show a white ranking, players of increasingly fewer RSP shade green to bright green, players of increasingly more RSP shade pink to red. Evidently this is to give some idea of how “safe” the player is to attack.

Fleet Points

Fleet Points is another way of tracking score in Stardrift Empires. You simply receive 1 Fleet Point for every ship that you have (including Hermes Probe and Helios Solar Satellite).

Research Points

Research Points is the third way of tracking score in Stardrift Empires. These points are calculated by giving you 1 point for each level of research you have unlocked.

Defense Points

Defense Points are calculated in the same way as Fleet Points, you get 1 point for each defense you create.

Crew Points

This is the total of players who have accepted your invites to the game added to the number of Crew Droids that you have built at the Factory and Basic Androids you have purchased. Basic Androids are worth 3 points each, and human and Crew Droids are worth 1 point each.

Destroyed Ships

This is a total of how many points of ships that you have destroyed, either by attacking or by defending. These points are calculated the same way as Resources Spent Points are — 1 point per 1,000 resources worth of ships destroyed. Destroying defenses does not contribute to DSP.

In the case that you have ships on both sides in a battle (only possible if you group defend someone else's planet while also attacking it), you will not receive a share of any Destroyed Ships Points for that battle. Other's will receive their share of the DSP calculated as if the player on both sides had been present.

If a Group Defend takes place at a planet, the planet's owner does get a share of the Destroyed Ships Points for destroyed attacking ships, even if they have no ships or defenses present.

Stardrift Empires Nova

In Stardrift Empires Nova DSP is awarded both proportionally to the number of ships a player has committed to the battle and relative to the ranks of the players taking part in the battle. Proportional DSP is calculated at the start of the battle with the following formula [Total DSP Value of Opposing Ships x (The RSP Value of your Ships / RSP Value of all allied Ships)]. Allied ships being on the same side of the battle as your. This ensures that the player that commits the most ships to the attack or defense will receive the largest share of total DSP. After the battle the DSP is awarded relative to the rank of the players involved using with the following formula [Opponent's RSP / Your RSP * .5] (A group attack will use the weight average of the RSP of all participants on each side). The maximum relative values to be applied at .5 to 1.0. This means that attacking a player of equal size to you will result in 1 DSP per 1,500 resources destroyed, but attack a player twice your size will result in 1DSP per 1,000 resources destroyed.

Achievement Points

Achievement points are a way of tracking a player's process towards achievements.

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